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Product ideas Empire is a brand new eBook release by Alessandro Zamboni. It is a 36 page PDF which focuses on how to find ideas for brand new, winning products that are guaranteed to sell. Selling products is something Alessandro knows about as he is responsible for almost 100 launches, endless sales and countless Deals of the Day on Warrior +. He has created a very diverse range of products including buying and selling domains, selling printables such as mugs and t-shirts and also calendars.

So if you're interested in product creation, and you should be, pick this guide up and follow everything Alessandro shows you.

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What’s Inside Product Ideas Empire?

This is a 36 page PDF which shows you everything you need to know about finding trends and ideas extremely fast and in as little time as possible .


Alessandro gives you 8 different methods so that you can do effective and efficient product research. He also includes his RSS archive list that he has built up over the last 7 years and includes a load of blogs delivering news 24/7 giving you access to the latest trends and much more.

I really enjoyed the first lesson about mindset and how to achieve success online using the mindset techniques that he talks about. This is something a lot of product creators don't talk about and it is an essential skill to master if you wish to be successful online.

All of the methods are laid out clearly step-by-step and he adds his own twists and turns to give you the best possible chance of success in finding product ideas and applying the strategies for different niche products. He also includes three case studies about some of his most successful products and reveals to you where he got the ideas from.

All in all it's a fairly quick read but everything is precise and to the point,there's no filler or fluff, everything you need is included step-by-step in a simple to follow manner so that you can get up and running straight out of the gate.

  • Newbie Friendly
  • Well laid out
  • Start right away
  • No videos
  • No product creation training

Why Would I Need to Create Products?

Having your own product is an invaluable asset to have in your armoury as it gives you real leverage in the marketplace and also gets your name out there as a product creator. You will hear internet marketers say time and again that having a product to sell or to give away is essential to making it online in a big way and sooner or later it's something you really must consider.

You might just be amazed at how easy it can be to find the right niche idea to come up with a winning product and may not be as difficult as you think. Getting the research right in the first place is absolutely essential as once you know you have a viable product the next part of the process is to take that idea and turn it into a downloadable product. The front end product does not cover how to make a video course or a PDF etc. for that you will need to buy the first upsell which I highly recommend if you've never made videos or PDFs before.

Frontend and OTO’s

Frontend. $17 with a 30 day guarantee

OTO1 shows how to create the material for the launch. including eBooks and video series, sales letter with copywriting tricks, sales pages and download pages.  $27

OTO2 is all about the launch phase. How to create and promote a JV page, how to create the launch on WarriorPlus and how to bring it forward to the max.  $47

 OTO3  opportunity to have a 1-hour call with Alessandro, where he reveals the steps to become a VIP of product launching.  $500

Concluding Thoughts

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Product Ideas Empire and I liked Alessandro's style of delivery and his knowledge and expertise on the subject as I knew I was in the hands of a professional product creator who knows what he's talking about.

I feel that it's especially good for newbies who are thinking about creating their first product.
Once you learn the methods it will be easy to find new niche ideas when you need them.

You can use the information that you uncover not just for product creation but think also content for your blog, YouTube videos etc. the sky is the limit.

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