ViralTek Review

ViralTek Review


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I understand precisely how critical traffic is to your success. In this ViralTek review I'm going to show you that many people believe SEO is the response-- due to the fact that as soon as you rank higher in the searches, you can get free traffic for a long time.

However SEO isn't as easy as some 'professionals' tell you it is. There are 100s of aspects that identify your rank ... Getting them all right is EXTREMELY challenging ... And Google updates its algorithm constantly so typically it's impossible to stay up to date.

Other individuals chase social networks in pursuit of 'viral traffic'. Again, not as easy as it sounds. Your content needs to be appealing, certified and tick ALL the right boxes to get attention.

What is ViralTek?

A NEW system has simply opened it's doors that streamlines the process of ranking your customers websites and local listings. This new system allows you to use the power of social syndication WITHOUT having to do any of the heavy-lifting yourself. Yup, the # 1 pain-in-the-butt activity that we need to deal with as local agencies is NOW being removed from your plate.


Marc Gray, Declan Mc and their team have finally produced a 100% beginner friendly system that allows anyone to get FREE Targeted Traffic to ANY Website, Video, Item, offer or just to grow your social networks on Auto-pilot which is ViralTek

It increases your SEO by developing social backlinks. ViralTek integrates with 15 leading social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,  Linkedin, Imgur and a lot more ...

To put it simply, this is a Cloud based app that posts your content (links, images, text) to 15 top social media sites at the same time. Set up your profile once and begin posting to 15 websites at once creating traffic to your pages and enhancing SEO.

ViralTek also comes with a premium photo developer and editor in addition to the latest in Hashtag Innovation. The beauty of this system is its Simplicity and you need no special abilities to use it from the get go.

ViralTek Features

ViraTek is loaded with functions to make your marketing 10x more successful:

Develop UNLIMITED Viral Images

Viral images are the very best and the easiest method to get endless traffic and they've actually made it really basic for you to develop unlimited images utilizing ViralTek in simply a few clicks. When it comes to creating viral material, absolutely nothing else is as simple as this software.

With a simple 1-Click: SHARE Your Viral Images to 15 Social Sites

The worst part about sharing material is that you have to login to each account individually and that is a substantial discomfort. We've made is SO SIMPLE that all you need to do is 1-CLICK and your viral image gets shared throughout 12 social sites immediately.

You do not need to remember usernames or passwords and do not have to login to the sites one by one ever again.

100's of PROVEN Viral Image Templates You Can Use

Proven design templates utilized by top viral sites that you can straight utilize when developing your viral content-- these are perfect to start so you never ever need to start from a blank slate. These design templates get the most shares and likes across socials media and will bang terrific results for you.

10+ Instagram like FILTERS to Make Your Content Stand Out

When it comes to viral marketing, making your images look stunning is extremely crucial. Instagram has actually taken social media by storm with their strongest function-- Image filters which is now in you hands thanks to ViralTek. Now you can select from any of the 10+ filters and make your images stand apart from the rest in 1- click.

Set All Your Social Network Accounts on AUTOPILOT

The most significant issue with social networks marketing IS that you need to continuously keep all your social media accounts active for your audience to be engaged and keep interacting and liking your material.

With ViralTek's schedule content feature, you can make it work for you on complete auto-pilot across all your social networks accounts without needing to actually include or upgrade content day-to-day. When and let it work on autopilot, just set It up.

SEO Optimize Every Image You Develop and Share

99% of Marketers/Site owners never ever SEO-optimize their images and lose out an a huge quantities of easy to get traffic that comes from Google Image search.

This is the easiest wayto rank in Google and your site will get a massive amount of FREE traffic from this source.

Produce and Upload 1000s of Images at ONCE

They've made it so easy tor you to mass upload and create material by including a CSV produce feature. This lets you add all the date/content into a CSV file and upload it in to ViralTek which will instantly develop all the Images according to the CSV and contribute to all the accounts you chose. You never have to by hand produce and share Images again.

Set & Forget Marketing: Arrange MATERIAL for the Future

To assist you entirely relax and put your viral marketing and traffic generator on auto-pilot, ViralTek lets you schedule your viral material publishing for future dates.

Now you can schedule content for days, weeks and even months well ahead of time and drive tree traffic to your websites without worrying about creating content-- even while you are on getaway, it will keep working for you and drive traffic on total auto-pilots.

Import Images from YouZign

Now as an extra feature, you can import all your designs/images from YouZign to ViralTek. This feature permits you to import images from YouZign and syndicate those images with ViralTek to all your social media profiles in one click.

How does ViralTek Work?

You can go to the syndicate content and create your post as soon as you connect all your social media accounts in this. All the post formats like text, links, images are accepted here. There is even an inbuilt image editor in your account.

When you are done customizing your material, simply click  on the right-hand side and you will see all the profiles, or you can likewise by hand pick the social media profiles that you want to post your content your text here...

It produces HOT, FREE leads...

Everything happens on virtual auto-pilot, with a one-time setup!
Log in to ViralTek you will simply have to add your material And Images and then you are ready to go, Press One button and relax! They've created the world's very first & only multi Social media software application syndication tool that creates big complimentary traffic virally!

This software works on 15 various social platforms ... on complete auto-pilot and without paying a penny for traffic. Yup, you can now utilize the POWER of Page 1 Rankings Via Social Syndication with:

NO Software application To Install
No Software Application Training To Learn
No previous SEO knowledge or experience
No Proxies or Captchas Needed
NONE of that things
All you need to do is:

1. Login to the web-based app
2. Add your social media accounts
3. Include your Images and Material posts
3. Hit "Send".
Yup, That's IT!
The System Will Get To Work And Syndicate you material to the Top 15 Social network Platforms all at once to increase it to page 1 of Google!


Here's why you need to get this right now:.

Quickly distribute your marketing message across 15 premium social sites in ONE click.

Conserve HOURS each day of manually publishing across socials media.
EXPLODE your traffic with unique, viral images that get shared, re-posted, re-tweeted and talked about by 1000s of audiences.

Effortlessly get 1000s of targeted visitors to your offers WITHOUT paying a cent for advertisements.

NO tech skills or previous experience required-- this is so simple that a 12 years of age can do it.

This is something that will GUARANTEE you complimentary traffic, without the effort and frustration. To make it even easier they made this service totally web-based so there's no installation or setup needed.

Simply login, and actually within a few clicks you'll be driving complimentary traffic to ANY of your offers & sites. Because it leverages VIRAL IMAGES to create totally free traffic, this solution works SO well.

Reliable images get more shares, more search traffic, and more backlinks pointing directly to your offers ... they're the ULTIMATE kind of complimentary online traffic.our text here...

Thank you so much for reading my ViralTek Review

Mark Bradley

This blog is my chance to prove to me and to you that I can indeed do what needs to be done and create my own successful lifestyle business and live my life on my terms. P.S. I'm going to show you how you can do it too.

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